5 Best Apps for Journaling in 2021: Gratitude, Affirmations

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best apps for journaling 2021

As phones have replaced almost every simple tool in our lives, no wonder they have replaced diaries as well. Check the Best Apps for journaling on Android, iPhone and iPad to keep a honest tab on your daily life.

Writing is the best way to make our thoughts come to reality. The basic habit of writing is something everyone must master to keep control of their thoughts. By writing your actions and thoughts into a book or phone, you observe yourself from a distance and make better choices in life. A good diary also becomes our best friend through our lives to which we open our heart.

Journaling is an important habit to teach children so that they can learn self criticism rather than depending on their peers. Unlike old times, nobody carries a diary always. So, move to digital journaling by installing these best journaling apps on your mobile device. All of the apps have options to add media, so that you can both write and keep pictures as well.

How to choose a Journaling App?

Journaling has different purposes like Personal diary, career diary, fitness journal and many others. As the purpose is to keep noting all the thoughts and actions about a subject, try to find apps that will help you achieve your goals. A few simple apps provide only journal entries while others have Affirmations, Beginner challengers etc. to keep the experience fun.

If you want to self improve your abilities along with journaling, choose ‘Gratitude’ or if you want a Notepad app that can do other tasks as well, choose ‘Daybook’ and other recommended apps in this list.

5 Best Journaling Apps in 2021 for Android

Digital Journaling offers a more personal way to journal by adding photos, videos and notes to the journal. We can’t do that in a traditional diary book. So, install these 9 Best digital journal apps and try them to see if they live up to your pure writing experience.

1) Journey: Diary – Best Journal App on PlayStore

Android | Rating: 4.5 | Installs: 10 Million+ | In-App Purchases: Yes | Age: 3+

Developed by Two App Studios, Journey functions both as a Journal and personal coaching app. There are different goals like ‘Inspire Me, Gratitude 365’ that will help us in self development as we write daily. You can write your notes and save them privately. By providing each day with a note, you can easily navigate through dates in Journey app. The App also syncs your journals to Google drive/Dropbox to protect your old journals as well.

Top Features

  • Protect your journals with passcode and fingerprint lock.
  • Get prompts for daily/weekly journaling reminders.
  • A step by step journey for beginners with integrated coaching.
  • View life as a timeline and sort through dates, weeks or time.
  • Advanced search that can find text and images within a journal.
  • Link to Zapier and Send/save e-mails to compose them.

2) Presently – Best journaling App for Gratitude

Presently: A Gratitude Journal
Presently: A Gratitude Journal
Developer: Presently
Price: Free

Android | Rating: 4.9 | Installs: 5 Million | FREE | Age: 3+

Gratitude is the feeling of being thankful for whatever good things that happen in life. Many people lack this feeling in life making them chase highs that are not worthy of effort. If we can practice feeling gratitude by daily stating the good things with our life, we can improve our mood. Presently brings forth the same concept, by allowing users to write grateful things on a daily basis.

Each journal starts with a ‘Today, I’m grateful for..’ and lets you fill in the blanks. Think deeply and write all the incidents where you felt thankful for being alive. By following daily prompts, you can quit any old bad habit and take up gratitude journaling as a new habit. The App is simple and allows cloud sync.

Top features

  • Get motivation to write with quotes and reminder notifications.
  • Lock all your journals with Face lock and Finger ID.
  • Share selected journal entries with friends and family using the same app.
  • Customise the look of app to suit your tastes.
  • Search for old entries easily from the search tab.

3) My Diary: Best Apps for Journaling with Lock

Android | Rating: 4.8 | Installs: 5M | In-app purchases: YES | Age: 3+

We confront a lot of situations on a daily basis. Some of them are joyful but most of them are not so pleasant. We try to forget these by writing them into our journals. But there is a constant fear of getting read by someone else when they have our phone. This is where Journal apps with lock feature work very well.

By locking each journal or an entry of journals, you can choose which ones are either public or private. If you have someone like a Spouse or best friend, who constantly tries to take a peek at journals, My Diary is the best choice. You can attach Audio, video files to the journal and keep them hidden too.

Top features

  • Set a Finger print ID or Face unlock to Notes, Media and Journals.
  • Live Sync and backup as you write to Google drive.
  • Login to account and write on different devices.
  • Eye Protection to keep eyes safe for longer writing periods.
  • Mood trackers to track your mood all day through.

4) Daybook – Best Apps for Bullet journaling

Android | Rating: 4.6 | Installs: 10M+ | In-app purchases: Yes | Age: 3+

Daybook is an allrounder writing app that offers various modes of writing. You can create ToDo lists, Notes, Documents, Journal entries and much more. Users can also open their personal diary that is locked and secure. This app is best suited for Students and professionals who use Notepads, Checklist apps to structure their day.

Write a private Memoir, diary, Note that will be saved into cloud and organised in a neat way. Also track your mood by checking in the Emoji tracker status. By telling the app your mood, you observe it yourself and can take steps to change your mindset. Daybook also has a ‘Speak to write’ feature that will translate your dialogue into words. No more typing furiously at the keyboard to get to that last line!

Top features

  • Sync entries across all platforms and write from anywhere.
  • Syncs to Web, Cloud backup and Android storage at once.
  • Speak out your feelings and convert into words through AI.
  • Attach Photos, Videos to journal entries.
  • Customise Layout, Menu, background to custom designs.

5) Gratitude – Best journal App for Self improvement

Android | Rating: 4.8 | Installs: 5M+ | In-app Purchases: Yes | Age: 3+

Everyone goes through a phase of self transformation in their 20s-30s and it is important that we do our best in that phase. For some, it many also occur at a late period of their life, but self improvement has no age limits. We can improve ourselves in even minor things if we are aware, and Gratitude App focuses on the same principles.

Built as a vision board, Gratitude lets you create boards for all future aspects of your life. You can attach photos, record your voice and write journals in these boards. You can also add multiple reminders that will notify you to create a new journal entry each day. The app also creates attractive Affirmation boards that you can see as a slideshow whenever you are feeling low. Compared to other apps, ‘Gratitude’ is both a journaling and future planning app that will serve well for students.

Top features

  • Create journals, record voice, attach media and music to each entry.
  • Sort by calendar date to read a specific journal with a single click.
  • New affirmation boards and vision boards added with new updates.
  • Dark Mode and Eye protection for sensitive users.
  • 21 day, 30 day Gratitude challenges for beginners.

Journaling is an important process in the self transformation journey. By keeping notes of all problems we face, we can immediately read them and be proud of overcoming them. Journals also help in tracking your behaviour and mental health. By using mood trackers, you can improve your mood and become socially relevant as well.

Choose any of these Best Journaling Apps for Android and start writing a paragraph each day. As you cement the habit, try writing about different things in detail. A page of journaling everyday at the same time will provide your life with an immediate plan making your mind a better place.

Let us know what steps you took in your self improvement journey. Also tell us what Best apps for journaling you use on a daily basis.

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