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Beat Productivity and do more with these 5 Android apps

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Procrastination is an easy thing to do when you have a lot of free time. But often times, we procrastinate in emergency times too, keeping us in a loop. With a lot of entertainment surrounding us, it is difficult to keep up with everything that’s going on. This is where Best Productivity apps help us to restructure our day and finish all given tasks leading to a productive day. The feeling we all get when we finally finish a highly productive day is a huge accomplishment.

But in order to get more productive, we must learn how to manage our time. This means planning the to-do lists, scheduling meetings, responding to emails and lot more. As we can’t carry our notepads all the time, it’s better to use smartphones as our productivity partners. This will keep our smartphone usage under the limit also while being useful for getting the tasks done.

5 Best Android Productivity Apps for Students

Productivity is the opposite of procrastination. This modern word used in reference to the startup culture has gained exposure with most of the internet users. It means to keep on doing useful things repeatedly for longer periods of time. This takes willpower and focus that that decreases slowly as we start get distracted. These Android Productivity apps will help you focus in your daily tasks and routines.

These apps are useful for both working professionals as well as students. As making notes, emails and To do planners is the best way to organise more work, anyone can use these apps to increase their work ethic. Here are the 5 Best Android Productivity Apps in 2021 that will make life easy for students and employees.

1. Todoist

Rating: 4.6 | Downloads: 10 Million+ | Free | Premium features: 3$/month

Todoist is a top rated app for students that checks all the lists for productivity. It has an advanced todo list feature with tasks and reminders. The app has also been rated as 2020 Editor’s choice award on Google Play store. Organise your notes, lists with real time images from camera. You can also use it as a personal diary by using it as a daily planner. Todoist also gives you notifications on scheduled tasks.

Create group checklists by inviting your friends and colleagues. Users can create an account and sync on other devices to transfer their previous todo lists.

Key Features

  • Delegate tasks to team and colleagues in shared projects.
  • Measure your daily progress by using habit tracker.
  • Track goals and habit routines by assigning a deadline.
  • Works with iWatch, Android smartwatches to show reminders.
  • Prioritise important tasks by sorting them up easily.
  • Integrates with Gmail, Google Calendar, Slack, Alexa and other productivity apps.

Todoist also uses AI to enhance the user experience by understanding words. Use words like ‘Today’, ‘Tomorrow’, ‘AM’ and ‘PM’ to automatically set reminders. Organising your life this way will make you feel calm and in control of your life. Install Todoist from Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS. There is also a premium version with more features but, free version is as good as well.

2. Pocket

Rating: 4.7 | Downloads: 10 Million+ | Free | Android, iOS

Pocket is an extremely useful app for Students who like read online. It’s an advanced bookmark system that lets you save all pages you like into one spot. This is useful when students are preparing for exams and have to save multiple articles. Pocket also lets you read these articles offline, that makes it for quality reading without internet. Just surf through internet, find an article, page or image you like and hit save to view offline. This feature is useful for programmers who use coding apps online to learn programming via W3shools etc.

Pocket also works with Social networking sites like Twitter, Youtube, Facebook etc. Save directly from timeline to your local device. It also has a large collection of news sites like Medium, Vox, Times that are available for saving. The UI also scores points for being pleasant to the eyes and easy to use for beginners.

Key Features

  • Listen to saved articles during commute and walking as audio articles.
  • Save content and sync across devices.
  • Night mode that uses Dark and Sepia themes to keep the eyes protected.
  • Read in multiple devices at once with auto sync feature.
  • Browse through ‘Best of web’ content

Pocket has curators across the app that help in providing the content to be safe. The articles must also be approved by editors to be featured on app. By saving important articles to visit for later purpose, you will be reading less of internet content. Download Pocket for Android and iOS for a clean UI app that will make your browsing worth it.

3. Forest

Rating: 4.5 | Downloads: 10 Million+ | Price: Free | Android, iOS

Forest is the best self improvement app for students and professionals. It has been voted ‘Best app of the year’ in 2015, 16 & 17. Forest plants a tree every time you keep off phone for certain period of time. These trees will be visible in your app dashboard. You can also choose tree varieties to be planted as you improve yourself.

Key Features

  • Protect the earth and plant real trees.
  • Get insights from detailed reports of the plants you’ve grown.
  • Challenge friends to focus together and grow trees.
  • Earn rewards and unlock adorable trees.
  • View your daily/monthly/weekly progress.

Forest also claims that users with ADHD will benefit from the app. By feeling responsible towards nature, we also start to heal within ourselves. Each improvement also becomes an improvement in the nature. This motto makes Forest one the of the best productivity app and self improvement tool for youngsters.

How Forest works?

Plant a tree when you want to stay focused. If you stay focused enough, the tree will start growing within the app. If you get distracted, your tree dies and you have to plant a new tree. But once you start completing tasks, you will start growing other trees leading to a forest of commitment and focus.

Download Forest app to break phone addiction and form productive habits, especially for people who can’t keep their hands off mobiles.

4. Evernote

Rating: 4.1 | Downloads: 100M+ | Price: Free/Premium | Android, iOS

This classic notepad app has stood the test of time. Evernote provides both simple note taking and complex structure notes. By creating checklists, users can organise their life. The app syncs across devices letting you work from anywhere. Evernote supports multimedia notes allowing you to add images, videos, scans and sketches to the document. Voted the best android productivity app for 2 years, Evernote has received low ratings from the past few years.

Key features

  • Add reminders, audio files, scanned documents and blank notes.
  • Find text on images with advanced search tool.
  • Save webpages that you like and clip them to read later.
  • Added functionality with Shortcuts, Notebooks, Spaces, Shared tags
  • Evernote business lets you create agendas, manage plans and update memos.
  • Evernote Premium adds 10GB of new uploads each month to access from all devices.

Evernote has also has an education plan to record lecture notes, a journal for students. The highlighter allows you to mark important notes within the lecture. Project papers can also be attached to keep all files at one place. Evernote has both Free and Premium versions for business users.

5. Loop – Habit Tracker

Rating: 4.6 | Downloads: 1M+ | Price: Free | Android, iOS

This fairly new productivity app has caught the attention for all right reasons. Loop lets you add your habits in a list and displays yes and no symbols to tick. If you repeat the habit, keep ticking all yes symbols. This will increase your streak that you can visit through habit dashboard. Each user have to create an account with their name. By sharing your habits with friends, you can all grow together at once.

Key features

  • Add Home screen widgets to tick directly and easily.
  • Dark mode to change UI when using in night.
  • Insights like ‘Best streaks’, ‘Frequency’ etc.
  • Highly optimised for speed, also on old Android, iPhones.
  • Create complex schedules for different habits.

Loop Habit Tracker works by creating a formula for calculating the strength for habits. Every repetition makes it stronger and every missed day makes it weaker. As few missed days will destroy your habit. So, make sure you perform your habits everyday. The app also has colourful widgets on home screen to help users track habits. The app is ad free, open source and also respects your privacy.

Loop is an important app for everyone, especially students. In a world of highly fast paced habits, it is necessary to follow the good ones. Because good habits make a good life. Loop is our #1 Best Productivity app recommendation for all students.

Our Choice – Loop – Habit Tracker

There are many more productivity apps for android and iOS, but only a few matter for students. The apps must be free to use, have a journaling feel and make the user productive. The above apps tick the boxes all for all minimal productivity features.

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