5 Best Screen Recording Apps for Android (2021 Edition)

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best screen recording apps for android

In this article, let us explore the Best screen recording Apps for Android with Sound, FaceCam access, No Ads and many exciting features. All these apps are FREE and available to install in Google Play Store.

Serious users of Android use their mobiles for more than phones and internet. With Play store expanding to different genres of app, many people started using their Android mobiles to make money. Screen recoding is a big part of that boom as it enables user to share his screen to others enabling Gaming users, Short film editors and project managers to keep their screens recorded. But many screen recorders leave a watermark or mute the audio delivering only the video file.

Top 5 Best Screen Recording Apps for Android in 2021

Gamers of Pubg, Fortnite stream their games on Twitch 24*7 while also uploading the best parts to Youtube. Many tech Vloggers use screen recording to show their editing tutorials. Screen recording is also useful for Project managers who must record team meetings from Zoom. There are more than 100 apps for screen recording in Play store, but only a few of them made the top charts with new features. Here are the 9 Best screen recording apps of 2021.

Screen Recording AppDeveloperDownloadsRating
1) AZ Screen Recorder – Video Recorder, Live streamAZ Screen recorder50 Million+4.6
2) MOBIZEN Screen recorder (Editor’s Choice)MOBIZEN100 Million+4.3
3) Screen Recorder – XRecorderInShot Inc.100 Million+4.7
4) Screen Recorder – Record with FacecamPromotheus Interactive LLC10 Million+4.0
5) Super Screen Recorder – REC Video, ScreenshotHappybees5 Million+4.6
6) ADV Screen recorderByteDev10 Million+4.5
7) Screen Record with audio, Master video recorderPro Video Editor5 Million+4.4
8) APowersoft screen recorderAPowersoft Limited1 Million+4.1
9) Screenshot & Screen recorderMobileIdea Studio1 Million+4.5
10) Screen Recorder by Kimcy929Kimcy92910 Million+4.3
Top 10 Screen Recording Apps for Android in Google Play Store

1) AZ Screen Recorder – Best Screen recording Apps for Livestream

AZ Recorder is a simple recorder app for Android that lets you record 1080p recordings. You can also live stream directly to Twitch or Youtube from AZ screen recorder. The app also records up to 60FPS making it suitable to record gameplay videos. Android 10 users can now record internal sound along with screen, which means you can record your voice directly to mic.

You can also Pause the screen recording to save storage and then start it whenever needed. Also create GIFs from your recording clips or through recording a new clip. AZ Screen recording is the best android screen recording app for Livestream that enables many users to earn money with Gameplay videos. With new FaceCam support, you can record both your face and the screen together. The built in Video Editor lets you trim, merge and add BGM+subtitles to video making it an all rounder app.

Top features

  • Built in Video Editor to trim, cut, merge, add sounds, add subtitles and create GIFs.
  • Record Gameplays with both Internal and external sound.
  • Built in FaceCam support to record selfie videos.
  • Livestream screen recording to Youtube, Twitch, Facebook for streaming movies or gameplay videos.
  • Screenshot and Image editor to stitch, blur, crop, cut, merge Photos into videos or GIFs.
  • Extract images and sounds from Video to add your own.

2) MOBIZEN Screen recorder – Best Screen recorder apps without Watermark

Mobizen Screen Recorder
Mobizen Screen Recorder
Developer: MOBIZEN
Price: Free+

Rated the #1 app in Google play store and Editor’s choice, MOBIZEN is an advanced screen recorder for Android with many exciting features. Mobizen has a built in float icon that shows the Recorder, Menu and Settings. Here you can choose the resolution, FPS, Audio settings and start recording in a click. The float icon also has Pause, Resume and Stop buttons to help you record efficiently.

Mobizen is used by more than 100 million content creators across the world. The built in Editor has minimal options like Add an Intro, Cut, Crop, Blur and Merge making it easier to upload the edited video to Youtube or Twitch. Mobizen also offers 2K screen recording resolution with Facecam and Countdown support. Mobizen also lets you remove Watermark in the free version which is a plus point for many users.

Top features

  • Record upto 2k Resolution, 60FPS with 12.0 Mbps save quality.
  • Broadcast your streams live to Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Use Built in editor to Create Intros, Add BGM, Trim audio and add own Audio
  • Remove Mobizen Watermark for FREE and add custom watermark.
  • Use countdown timer to pre select the amount of time to record screen.
  • Use FaceCam feature to record selfie videos and customise with filters.

3) Screen Recorder & Video Recorder – XRecorder

Developed by Inshot Inc., XRecorder is a fairly new app that hits all the right feature boxes for a recording app. XRecorder supports upto 1080p, 60 FPS resolution videos along with a built in editor. The app can be installed without root easily from Google play store. XRecorder can record with both Sound and Video at the same time making it suited from Vloggers and gameplay creators.

The app lets you remove App Watermark and add a custom signature watermark for free. The Record floating tool makes it easy to record screen just with one tap. But the app lacks a professional video editor which the developer team has promised with the next update. With FaceCam support, Countdown timer and unlimited Recording times, XRecorder is a free to use Screen recorder app, that stands fairy well against other apps.

Top features

  • No Root needed to record Audio with Video.
  • Remove watermarks and add custom watermarks for free.
  • Built in editor to Add Intro and BGM.
  • Record up to FULL HD 1080p, 60FPS to Internal storage or livestream.
  • Screen recorder with Facecam support and Countdown timer.
  • No Limit on screen recording time allowing for maximum recording duration.
  • Pause, Resume and Stop from Recording Float icon from homescreen.

4) Screen Recorder – Best Screen Recording apps with FaceCam

This popular Screen recorder has been receiving a lot of complaints recently for file type issues. Developed by Promotheus Interactive, the app is a simple recording tool with simple features. The app has a float icon to record screen and allows for upto 1080p/60 FPS recording for gaming users. There is also a mini Editor to help you finish the post processing of the video within the app itself.

Many users reported issues for Invalid file format and Editor issues that is making the file unable to play on other devices. The developer team has promised to fix this bug in coming updates. But, Screen Recorder still gives a decent recording experience with both Facecam and Audio support. Record Internal audio with Mic easily using the float icon.

Top features

  • HD Screen recording up to 1080p/60FPS/12.0 Mbps limits.
  • Record Audio with Internal mic and external sound into the video.
  • Add a layer of Facecam on top of your Screen recording to show both your face and recording at once.
  • Unlimited recording length and number of recordings.

5) Super Screen Recorder – Best 2K Screen Recorder app with audio

Developed by HappyBees, Super Screen recorder is the only 2K screen recording app for Android. Users can record, livestream or screenshot the screen in many resolutions. Shortcuts like Floating window, Shake to stop make the app easy for beginners. With Facecam and 60Fps support, you can record your selfie videos and edit it within the app. The video editor has tons of features like Merge, Cut, Trim, Add dubbing, subtitles, BGM, change video speed suiting for both beginners and professionals.

The GIF maker allows for recording YT clips or selfie videos and turning them into funny GIFs. Share all recordings directly to Facebook, Whatsapp and 10+ social media networks at once. Videos recorded in 2k will take up a lot of storage space, but as Youtube is supporting 4K, it is worth the space. Super Screen recorder comes with advanced features making it one of the best screen recording apps for Android.

Top features

  • Record in 2k, 1440p, 1080p, 720p resolutions with 60Fps slow motion support.
  • Video editor to Cut, trim, merge, rotate, add BGM and subtitles without watermark.
  • GIF maker to create funny, interesting GIFs from recordings.
  • FaceCam support to record selfie videos in up to 2k resolution.
  • Brush tool to create Presentations and draw while recording.
  • No root, No recording limit and No Watermark for unlimited videos.
  • Livestream directly to Twitch, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.

Editor’s Pick – Super Screen Recorder

Before 5 years, a screen recording app’s purpose is to record everything that’s going on in the screen. But with gaming vlogs, Twitch streams, Personal vlogs – screen recorders have to function as a Media editor. With beginner features like Record, Livestream, slow-mo and advanced features like Video editor, GIF maker, 2k Recorder make Super screen recorder the best screen recording apps for Android devices.

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