[Top 5] Best Stock Trading Apps for Android

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Best Stock Trading Apps Android

Professional traders and stock holders have been waiting since long to monitor stocks on their smartphones. With the new launch of Android stock trading apps, people have started to use Stock market apps very frequently. By keeping all your trading & stock information on phone, you can keep your stocks monitored without hassle.

This will enable you to use techniques that will increase your stock portfolio. So, select one of these Best Stock Tradings Apps of 2021 and install one to start your trading journey.

Best Stock Trading Apps for Android

Stocking is both an easy and hard way to earn money. You can invest in long term stocks or rotate your money through short term stocks that change everyday. If you keep your stocks monitored, there is a good chance you will observe stock patterns. Use them to increase your investment portfolio.

What are Stock Trading Apps?

Stock market is the best way to increase our investments in an exponential manner. Firstly, you have to choose any stock trading market like NSE, BSE etc. Once you open your account, you can visit the daily list to see the company stocks that are increasing that day. You can then load up your wallet and buy these stocks and reuse them when stock value increases.

Android stock trading apps lets you access to these lists 24 hours of the day making it easier for traders to buy and sell stocks instantly. They also operate as best productivity apps as we earn money through phone. Here are the best Stock trading apps for Android:

Stock Market AppRatingPrice
Stock Edge – NSE, BSE4.5Free/In-app purchases
Groww – Stocks, Demat4.2Free/in-app purchases
PayTm Money – Stocks4.0Free
5Paisa – Stock trading4.1Free
Sharekhan: Share market App3.8Free
Top 5 Stock trading Apps on Google Play Store

1. Stock Edge – NSE, BSE, MCX

Developed by Kredent Infoedge, Stock Edge trading platform is a new and smart app for Indian traders. The app uses a 100% non bias framework to show the right prices for all stocks. Users can track NSE, BSE, MCX, Insider deals and announcements directly from their dashboard and also get notifications.

Stock Edge makes everything research based that we can see in the app. You can generate both investment ideas and gather other investor portfolios to make future stock predictions. The app also provides a learning guide for beginners and professionals. By tracking Mutual funds, SIPs and other funds, planning investments gets a lot better.

✓ Detailed and Researched pricing on all stocks
✓ Fundamental scans to calculate cash flow of stock
✓ Readymade strategies for stock growth
✓ Interactive edge charts to track current IPOs
✖ Paid subscription for daily analysis reports
✖ Wrong calculation of few tracking formulas
✖ Complicated UI only for professionals

2. Groww – Stocks, Demat, Mutual Funds

This app is an all in one trading app that allows you to invest in Shares, Stocks, Mutual Funds, SIP Funds and more. The user can also open a Demat account after verifying KYC within a few minutes. The app has a collection of Top rated portfolios readymade for users who don’t want to search for all stocks. You can also invest in Mutual funds and SIP funds with your friends and family as a shared account.

Groww is secured with 128 Bit encryption making all the user data safe within the app. The app provides a free version with no extra and hidden costs. Users can start investing with as low as INR 500/- and grow their portfolio much higher. This makes it a best app for students to get introduction to the basics of stock trading.

✓ Invest in NSE, BSE with live price
✓ No extra DP charges on Brokerage orders
✓ Daily list of Top gainers, losers and market toppers
✓ Major banks supported for SIP investments
✖ Delay in IPO allotments
✖ Hidden charges for portfolio transactions
✖ Customer support

3. PayTM Money – Stock trading apps

PayTM has ventured into Stocks and investments with their app – PayTM money. All users of Paytm can easily shift to Paytm stocks and use their bank accounts and stocks together. Plans like retirement funds and mutual funds make PayTM stocks an all rounder in Finance. Equity trading with live NSE, BSE stock markets and competitive pricing are key features of this app.

Users can also opt for digital KYC to easily open their demat account. Paytm Stocks also has a in-app dashboard where you can add and monitor stock prices. Depending on your budget, choose between mid cap, large cap and small cap stock. By aligning your stock charts to Nifty 50, Nifty 100 sheets, you can track the future growth of your stock via Paytm dashboard.

✓ Discover stock by name from search
✓ Create Nifty and Sensex benchmarks
✓ Automate stock marketing with SIP Fund manager
✓ Get 24.99k Digital gold by selling to Paytm
✖ Delay in SIP payments
✖ Unclear brokerage charges for 20% of stocks
✖ Poor customer support

4. 5Paisa – Stock Trading

Developed by 5Paisa Finance, this stock trading app will be useful for both beginners and professionals. Get data from NSE, BSE, MCX and other world class stock markets to choose from. The app also features a training section for beginners that provides learning videos on trading. 5Paisa also offers the lowest stock trading prices (Rs.20/-) in India, making it the go-to choice for many small/medium budget traders.

Opening a Demat account with 5Paisa only takes five minutes and you can start investing. Backed up by IIFL, the app is available for Mobile, desktop and web platforms. You can also transfer funds directly to your account from more than 40 UPIs available in the dashboard. Options like Price alert and watchlist will keep your stocks monitored allowing for little mistakes. Overall, 5Paisa is one of the low cost stock trading apps at Rs.10/- per trade and also beginner friendly.

✓ Trade in for Currency, commodity, equity segments
✓ Live tracking from NSE, BSE, MCX
✓ Charting for selected and advanced stock graphs
✖ Stock prices higher than other platforms
✖ Bad customer support
✖ Notification delay for Watchlist and alert stocks
✖ UI errors on Android app

5. Sharekhan – Share Market

Designed for traders and investors, Sharekhan is an easy to use Stock trading app for Android. The app works with NSE, BSE, Sensex and MCX markets making it a suitable app for large cap investors. The refresh rate of Sharekhan is very fasting making it different from its competitors.

Place different types of orders like Big Trade, Sell against margin, normal order to correctly assess the stock risk. The advanced pattern finder helps you with recent trends in companies making investments easier. Users can also create, pause or stop their SIP investment funds. Overall, Sharekhan is a mid sized simple app for all investors.

✓ Setup one tap investments for auto pay
✓ Easy access to mutual funds, charts, SIP etc.
✓ Track from 1day-1year with tracker ball
✓ Transfer funds directly to Sharekhan account from bank
✖ Delay in Demat account payments
✖ Problematic dashboard and app interface
✖ Server failure in peak exchange times

There are also traditional stock apps like NSE, BSE in the PlayStore that are being used. But with new startups creating advanced tracking systems for stocks, users are looking for fast paced finance apps that can handle their investments.

If you are a beginner and venturing into trading, we recommend that you start from PayTM stocks or Groww. As you understand to calculate stocks better, shift to Stock Edge to create a more data based investment portfolio.

What is your favorite Stock trading app that you find simple to use? Please tell us your recommendations in the comments below and bookmark our blog for more Best Apps lists.

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