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How to hide Android Apps, Photos, Chats with Password?

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We use a lot of apps on a daily basis. But a few apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Sheets contain personal information. We also keep lending phones to our friends for daily uses and there is a risk of exposing the personal information. Many people fear to hide Android apps on their phones, fearing a security risks from other apps.

Hiding Android apps and media is the safest way to ensure you keep your information private. Learn simple ways to hide apps, photos and videos, files and chats on Android with this tutorial and take better control of your device.

Why should you hide sensitive apps on your device?

Even if your phone is locked and you won’t lend it to friends, there are other possibilities of risking your information. As you install more apps like App Managers, Games, Social Media apps – they ask access to your Gallery, Contacts and more. When you hit accept, you have no control over what media to allow, as the apps will read the whole gallery.

By using 3rd party apps and simple ways to Hide sensitive information, you not only erase them from Home screen and Menu, but also from system so that other apps can’t read your hidden data. Learning how to clear cache on Android will also enable you to keep your device clutter free always.

If you are a professional hiding your office documents or a teenager hiding WhatsApp chats from your parents, use these best apps to hide android apps for free.

How to hide Android Apps from Menu?

There are 3 ways to hide apps from Android menu. The first method is to disable apps list from OS skins on MIUI, Vivo and One plus devices. The second method is to install a third party ‘App hider’ to hide apps and media. The third and simple way is to use Nova launcher, LawnChair and other launchers to hide app icons.

Hide Apps on MIUI, Oppo, Vivo

  • Open Security App and select ‘Hide Apps.’
  • Select from the apps list and click ‘Hide.’
  • All selected apps will disappear from the Menu.
  • To unhide, go to Security app and remove app from Hide menu.

Hide Apps on Samsung

  • In Samsung, long press on home screen to open Launcher Menu.
  • Select ‘Hide apps’ from Launcher settings.
  • Tap on apps to be selected and click ‘Hide.’
  • Apps are now hidden from Menu and launcher.

Hide Apps on OnePlus, Android one

  • Default Android skins provide an option to hide apps in settings tab.
  • Open App launcher on One plus and swipe from left to right.
  • This will open a hidden space for apps.
  • Select apps to hide and move them to hidden space.
  • Swipe back to keep phone in normal mode.

How to hide Android apps with password?

All phone launchers have the option to hide apps, but none provide locking with a password option. Locking the app means locking the data and launchers need app data to work with system. So, launchers won’t have this option.

To securely hide Android apps with password, you need ‘App Hider, ‘App locker’ or ‘Gallery locker’ from Play Store. These 3rd party apps allow the hidden app to undiscovered by other apps and people. But beware, as these apps may also have access to your data, in pretext of locking them.

Hiding app icons via Launchers is the safest way to lock apps without making any privacy risks. All new smartphones have default launchers to hide App icons and we recommend that hide Android apps without disabling this way.

How to hide Photos, videos on Android?

Almost all App Hiders work as media hiders too. Only a few skins of Android have default gallery hiding feature. If you are using an older version of Android, you can use a 3rd party app to hide photos and videos.

Photos and videos form an important memory of our phone and it is important to hide the secret ones. Especially, if you don’t have a screen lock. Parents can also use Media hiders to keep sensitive information from their kids. Here are the best ways you can hide Android photos, videos, files for free.

Hide Android photos, videos using Gallery

In MIUI, OnePlus, Vivo, Oppo, Samsung, Lenovo – all have their default skins with a custom gallery application. You can hide directly within the gallery easily if you have the feature in UI.

  • Open Gallery and click on ‘options’ tab in top right corner.
  • Here, tick the option ‘Allow system to hide media files.’
  • Then click on ‘View hidden files’ and select ‘Add’.
  • Move all photos or folders you want to hide into this space.
  • All your photos are now invisible in the gallery.
  • Also, directly long press on image to select and send to hidden space directly.

Hide Photos in Android using 3rd party apps

Best apps to hide apps: Gallery locker, File locker, VAULT, Locked, Hide Something etc. Install any of these apps from Play Store to hide your gallery files.

  • Open Locker App and Go to settings.
  • Click on ‘Set a password’ or ‘Use screenlock.’
  • Once you selected the locking mode, go back to main page.
  • Here, click on ‘Add’ and give access to gallery.
  • Select all photos, videos and files you want to hide.
  • Click ‘UnHide’ to restore them to gallery.

How to hide WhatsApp chats on Android?

There is no feature to hide a particular Whatsapp chat on Android. You can instead hide the whole app, so that you don’t use it infront of everyone. You can also assign ‘Gallery locker’ to hide all WhatsApp images and videos, so that all incoming images are hidden by default.

There is another way to hide chats by using Chat backups. You can backup chats to Google drive and then delete your whatsapp account. To get back chats, you can restore directly from Drive.

How to hide system apps without Rooting?

System apps are UI apps like Configuration, launcher and theme files that can’t be hidden by default. You can’t also hide any Google apps from your device. In order to hide system bloatware and default UI apps, you need to root your Android phone.

All the launchers and 3rd party apps can only hide/protect third party apps installed on phone. Generally, these are good enough to hide personal data. But if you want to hide system apps, there is no direct way. You can either disable or force stop the app.

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