How to activate Jio 4G SIM – New and after porting

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how to activate Jio SIM card new, after porting

JIO has introduced 4G Internet at lower rates forcing users of other networks to shift to JIO. This change also occurred due to low signal network from Airtel, Vodafone and alike. JIO also released their 4G keypad phones that come preinstalled with SIM. Hence, they don’t need activation. But if you are an Airtel/Vodafone user and are porting to Jio SIM, it is necessary to activate the sim by verifying with network provider. So learn how to activate Jio SIM after porting to turn ON data and calls. You can use this activation process for new SIM cards that are still pending on activation.

Users looking for cheap data plans with high speed will be satisfied with JIO network. Due to competitive pricing from other networks, JIO is winning user votes with both strong signal and cheap recharges. If you are fed up with your previous SIM and want to port to JIO, you need to submit for Mobile number portability (MNP) registration and then wait for a few hours-days until your network is changed. You can also activate BSNL SIM card using a similar process of tele-verification.

How to activate a new 4G Jio SIM card in Android?

If you just bought a new JIO sim card, the sim activation process is very easy. Every JIO user must confirm their voice, address identity to use calls+data services. This is called tele-verification process conducted for every new JIO connection. But before that, insert your JIO card into Sim slot and wait for a few hours to receive the signal. After you receive the signal, JIO will send a confirmation SMS to apply to tele verification. You need to wait until this message which is received 6-7 hours after your buy the SIM card.

How to activate voice calls on new Jio SIM?

How to activate Jio SIM with tele verification messages
Jio tele verification messages
  1. Insert the SIM and wait for JIO to send you confirmation SMS for tele verification.
  2. Call 1977 and respond to the IVRS. Press 1&2 to activate Voice+data services.
  3. Then submit last 4 digits of your identity proof that you submitted to JIO retailer.
  4. Once your ID proof is confirmed, the IVRS will notify you to wait until activation.
  5. Your new Jio SIM will be activated for voice calls within 3-4 hours.

How to activate Data on New Jio SIM?

  1. Call 1800-890-1977 toll free number from your Jio SIM and respond to the IVRS. Choose to activate Data services and confirm your ID proof. Then enter your newly registered JIO mobile number to activate Data and internet services.
  2. Also setup APN by going to Android Menu>Settings>Mobile Networks>Access Point names. Click ‘Reset’ or ‘Default’ to auto load APN configuration. Try connecting to internet via any browser.
  3. If you are still unable to connect, click ‘Create New APN’ and fill ‘Name’ and ‘APN’ fields with ‘Jionet’ and press ok. The APN settings are loaded and you will be able to use Internet with Jio.

How to activate Jio SIM after porting?

SIM activation process is same for ported sims as well. But first, you need to submit for porting to a JIO retailer and wait for a few days to start the activation process. Depending on your mobile number and previous network, it may take hours to days. So first, let us learn how to port to Jio SIM and then activate the sim for voice and data connections.

  1. To port from any network to JIO, SMS ‘PORT <10-Digit mobile number>’ to 1900 and wait for return message.
  2. Once JIO is ready to start porting process, it will send an SMS with UPC (Unique porting code) and expiry date.
  3. Go to your nearest Jio retailer or Jio mobile store and submit UPC, expiry date.
  4. Also submit your original ID proof (Aadhar/POA/POI) for tele-verification process that will be needed after porting.
  5. Wait for a few hours/days depending on MNP service request.
  6. You will get a confirmation SMS from JIO once ported and you will also see the name of network changed in Settings.

Once porting is done, follow the tele-verification process mentioned for a new sim. All JIO sims have the same verification process. Once you finish verification for your ported SIM, recharge with 4g plans and you can start using Voice calls+data. Also recharge with monthly plans on JIO to save a lot on data costs. Remember to use the same mobile number while recharging but select JIO platform to see recharge options.

Did you recently port to JIO? How many days did it take to port and How did you find the network different from other operators? Let us know the experience with Jio SIM and its features.

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