How to create a group chat in Instagram Direct?

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how to create group in instagram direct messaging

Instagram direct stands for Direct messaging (DM) which shows the chat panel in Instagram. You can chat with friends, share stories, send media from Instagram direct. But unlike Facebook, Instagram doesn’t have the option to create Subject groups that operate like their own pages. Instead, Insta has pages where users can create pages on their favourite topics and generate fans. These pages are also utilised by page owners to generate advertising and influencers by promoting niche content.

But Instagram is also a place where we hangout with all our old friends, so it becomes difficult to chat with group friends at once. This is when Instagram direct introduced group chat feature in DMs. This feature is similar to WhatsApp groups where you can add people from your contacts to the group and can make it private. Learn how to create a group in Instagram direct for chatting, sharing stories and more. Also learn how to keep this group private and other features of Instagram direct below.

How to create, add friends, rename group chat in Instagram direct?

Firstly, you need at least two-three people to create a group chat. So, choose your friends list and notify them prior to creating the group. Even though the user is added automatically, it is best to ask your friends if they want to be a part of group. Once you decide the group members, it’s time to create an Instagram DM group.

how to create group chat in instagram direct
Create a group in Instagram direct for chatting
  1. Open Instagram app and login with your account. Go to Feed and check the top right corner.
  2. Click on the DM messages icon to open all your messages.
  3. Click the ‘+’ icon to create a new conversation. Select two/more people from your friends list and hit send.
  4. This will automatically create a chat group extensive for the three users.
  5. You can further use this group to chat and share stories within the group members.

You can type a message, send a photo or send document files to all users in the group at once. Like Instagram DM, features like effects, filters are available here as well. For more privacy, you can select either ‘View once’, ‘Keep in chat’ or ‘Allow replay’ to determine the status of message once read.

How to add friends to group chat in Instagram direct?

Once you initially create group chat with a few people, it will further grow if the content is interesting. Users will also keep adding up if it is a community group or alumni group. So, group admins must learn how to manage people and add new users that want to be a part of the group. Adding people to group chats in Instagram direct is a simple task and works same like WhatsApp. To, add people to a group chat,

add friends to group in instagram
Add people to groups in Instagram direct messaging
  1. Go to Instagram Feed and click the ‘Messages’ icon to the top right corner of screen.
  2. Here, navigate to the group you want to manage and enter the group.
  3. Click on the group name to open Group profile, Media and Members list.
  4. Go to members list and select ‘Add friends’ icon to add more people. (Note that only friends can be added)
  5. All the new users will receive a notification and will be joined once they accept invitation.

You can also remove group members by visiting the group profile and clicking the ‘Remove friends’ symbol beside each user. Once you remove a user from group, that contact can no longer view/send messages within the group.

How to leave a group chat in Instagram direct?

Groups can become a little irritating if you indulge too much in them. The constant bombardment with messages, media and promotional adverts from people can become a burden on mind. Instagram also added a security feature for users to choose to leave groups that they don’t like. This prevents group owners from adding a user again and again. So, be a part of only groups that provide value to you by leaving group chats with these steps:

  1. Open instagram feed and click on top right corner icon to open messages.
  2. Here, open the group chat that you want to leave.
  3. Click on the group icon/header to enter group profile.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click ‘Leave group’.
  5. Choose ‘Yes’ when asked for confirmation.
  6. You are now exited from the group. But you can still the group messages in your DM until you clear them.

If you don’t want to be part of random groups, you must adjust your security settings so that only friends can add you in groups. To do this, Go to Instagram Settings>Privacy and Security. Here, select ‘Who can add me to groups?’ option and select ‘No one’, ‘Friends’ and ‘Anyone’. If you are a private person who doesn’t want to participate in groups, you can hit ‘No one’ and your profile won’t be available to add in groups.

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