How to create an Instagram Page for Business with Facebook account?

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create instagram page for business

In all social networks, Instagram takes the top spot for maintaining Business profiles that can create a brand. By creating a dedicated Business page, you let your customers find your products easily. Interacting with them also becomes easy for taking customer feedback and introduce new products. You can also market your Business page through influencers to bring a bigger audience to the page. With all these uses, it is important that Businesses adapt to new digital strategies to keep in touch with their customers. So, let us learn How to create an Instagram page for Business with both existing/New Facebook account.

Users can login into Instagram with either an existing Facebook account or create a new account with email/phone number. If you were a previous Facebook user, you don’t need to create a new account. Also note that users can create only 5 accounts per Mail ID. So, create a new account for a shared business or use your own account for personal business. The features are same for all business accounts. Instagram also has a feature like Facebook dark mode to keep eyes protected at night.

How to create Instagram page for Business with existing/New Facebook account?

instagram personal account vs business account
Difference between Instagram personal account and Business account

By creating a Business account, you get access to Ads manager that will help you promote your products on Instagram feed. This way, you expose your products to targeted groups who would be interested in buying your products. Business pages on Instagram also have other exclusive features that you won’t get from a personal page. So before creating your account, decide if you want a personal page (for Memes, Youtube channel, Photography page) or a professional page (for Shopping stores, Tech gadgets etc.)

Once you have decided the purpose of your Business page, it is time to create an official Instagram page. If you have used Facebook in the past, you can use the same account to login via Instagram and sync all contacts to Instagram. This will help you find pre existing customers that are willing to follow you and share your page. You can also post this Business page to Facebook to let users know that your Business is now on Instagram. You can also create group chats in Instagram direct for Business profiles to be in touch with customers.

Steps to create Instagram business page with Old Facebook account

how to create instagram page for business
Switch to Business profile on Instagram to create a New Instagram for business page.
  1. Go to and click on ‘Login via Facebook’. Enter Facebook username, password credentials and click login.
  2. Hit ‘Allow’ when asked to Sync contacts and friends. You will be logged in to a New Instagram profile.
  3. Here, click on Settings (3 Lines Icon) and select ‘Switch to professional account’. This will turn your Instagram profile into an official account.
  4. Click on ‘Business’ and you will be asked to connect your Facebook account (This step is optional). Remember that only one Facebook account can be linked with a business page. So, only connect your official business page.
  5. In ‘Business’ settings, add your contact information, company details, brand description and hit ‘Done’.
  6. You instagram profile is now a Business account and all photos, videos you upload will be uploaded to Business page.

How to create Instagram page for Business with New account?

connect Facebook page with Instagram
Connect to Facebook or Create New instagram Business account

Instagram is a fairly new Social network and many users are starting to shift to Instagram. If you are someone who bought a new smartphone and doesn’t have an Old Facebook account, you can still create a new Business page on instagram with just mobile number. But you will not be a part of Facebook family of apps which is a feature only for existing Facebook users. Follow these steps to create a new Instagram Business page with New Phone number/Email ID.

  1. Download Instagram App from Play Store or iOS App Store. Open the app and click on ‘Create a New account’. Here, enter your Phone number/Email ID.
  2. Instagram will send a verification code via SMS/email that you have to enter to create new account. Once verified, Instagram will ask you to create our username and password.
  3. Enter a unique username and password. You can also opt to sign-in with Email ID/phone number and password. Once done, your Instagram account is created. Fill in your Display picture, Bio and other important info.
  4. Now, click on your profile and tap on ‘3 Lines Icon’ and Go to Settings. In Settings, click on ‘Switch to Professional account’. Note that official account option may take a few hours for new users.
  5. Here, click on ‘Business’ and fill your Business bio. As yours is now switched to the Official account, all photos you upload will be on official Business page. You can share this page with your customers and friends to get initial traction to your page.

Users can also opt in to hide Business info on their profile. This is to hide your page from spam threats and fake business DMs. By creating an Instagram page, you can sell your products both online and offline reaching hidden customer markets. Business owners can also create Shopify and WooCommerce digital stores to sell their products directly to customers from Instagram and Facebook pages.

Digital marketing and digital selling is a new frontier for business owners that have its pros and cons. By creating a Business account, you get access to special insights on Page views, clicks and Facebook Ads manager making it easy to promote your products.

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