How to enable or disable Youtube comments on channel?

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enable YouTube comments

Youtube is a video networking platform to watch, upload and share videos from all over the world. The website has become a staple for new trailer releases, song releases and much more. With Youtube Adsense program, many people have become professional vloggers to settle in this profession. The fun side of Youtube is however, reading comments while watching the video. It has become a subconscious habit as comments have become a part of the video itself.

But there is a negative side to comments as well. With anyone able to comment on a video, it is hard to control hate comments, spammers and trollers that may devalue the video. It is in a publisher’s right to enable or disable comments.

But if you don’t have comments enabled, a large part of feedback would be missed turning you to depend on the like, dislike ratio instead. Just like Instagram business pages, you can use YT for business by promoting your products and reaching to users that will turn to customers.

So, learn how to enable Youtube comments or disable YouTube comments on all videos and specific videos. By doing so, the publisher can control what videos need comments feedback and what videos are sensitive to feedback.

How to enable Youtube comments on all videos?

enable live chat settings YouTube
Live chat settings for Youtube videos in community settings

Whenever you upload a new video, you will have the default option to allow comments. If you didn’t change this, Youtube will automatically allow comments under the video. If you disabled it while publishing, you will need to re-enable the comments system. To customise YouTube publisher settings, you need to login into YT Studio from your account panel.

Note: Youtube comments are not available by default if you tag it as a Kid’s video or private. Comments are only visible for Public videos that you publish.

Youtube has a comment moderation system that makes it more convenient for users. You can either allow all comments, hide inappropriate ones or disable comments by default. So if you are facing with bad comments, you can choose to hide those instead of disabling. Follow these steps on Youtube studio to enable comments:

How to allow all comments on YouTube videos?

  1. Go to YouTube Studio by clicking the + or upload icon in the top right section of website.
  2. Choose ‘Settings’ and select ‘Upload defaults’.
  3. Go to ‘Advanced settings’.
  4. Here, choose from ‘Allow all comments’ and click save.
  5. This will display all comments without filtering but we don’t recommend it.

How to filter inappropriate, spam comments on Youtube channel?

Youtube studio settings
YT studio settings
  1. Sign in to YT studio and go to ‘Settings>Upload defaults.’
  2. Here choose advanced settings and open ‘Comments’ tab.
  3. Select ‘hold potentially inappropriate comments for review’ option and click save.
  4. This will enable the comment filtering system and lets you choose comments.
  5. You can also select ‘hold all comments for review’ option to manually publish comments.

How to disable comments on YT videos by default?

Disabling comments has its cons but are necessary for fundraising videos and sensitive topics. If you are a content creator that publishes videos on serious things, it will be better to disable comments by default. That way, you can estimate the response by like, dislike ratio.

To disable comments on all videos by default, go to YT Sudio>Settings>Upload defaults>comments. Here choose disable comments to stop people from commenting on your videos. There might be still comments visible for your older videos, but you need to manually disable comments on those videos. By choosing this option, your future videos will be free of ‘comments’ option.

How to choose comment settings for Youtube community channels?

Youtube community settings
Community settings to add moderator, approved users
  • Sign in to YouTube Studio on your mobile app or web browser.
  • If you are already logged in, click on your DP and choose YouTube Studio.
  • Select Community>Defaults.
  • If you have setup a community channel, click on ‘comments for channel’.
  • If you don’t have a community channel, select ‘comments on your videos’.
  • You can also choose default community settings in this tab.

If you enabled comments but you still can’t see them, you need to check browser compatibility as some browsers are reported to hide comments by default.

Youtube has a complex filtering system enabling everyone to use the platform. You can go here and check all their comment options for Non profits, fundraisers, general videos etc. By having options to choose what to do with user comments, the publisher can plan their further videos.

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