How to get iPhone Emojis for Android Mobiles?

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iphone emojis for android

Emojis become all the craze when Apple announced them on all iOS versions. The use of much more realistic versions of emoticons made Emojis a special treat to send while texting. Compared to Android emoticons, iPhone emojis express much more emotion due to their texture. Also, a wide range of Emojis help people express their feelings better.

Tips to know:

  • To change default keyboard for all Apps, Go to Settings>Language and Input>Keyboard settings>Choose Keyboard.This will make your third party keyboard into default keyboard on all apps.

As both Android and iOS use different font files, it is difficult to emulate exact iOS Emojis or Fonts on Android. As Animoji apps are being developed, there are different types of Emoticon styles on app store. Bitmoji is the most famous face styling app that we recommend for chat app users.

Apps like WhatsApp, Hike and Viber also provide stickers. But all of their emoticons feel like the default Google Keyboard. So, there are only three ways to get that iOS texting look on your devices.

1) Get iPhone Emojis for Android from PlayStore

iphone emojis for android
iOS 11 – iPhone Emojis for Android

Apps like Phone X Emoji keyboard, Facemoji, Cute Emoticons, Bitmoji all provide exact iOS style emoticons. You can use New emojis after changing default keyboard settings. The above apps also have 3000+ different emoticon faces that you can choose from a click. You can also use your photo as background for the keyboard on all chat apps.

Like Play store, these keyboard apps also have a large collection of Stickers and GIFs. Kaomojis – a new type of emoticon faces that are made with text fonts and Text Art Clips make Facemoji an advanced Emoji app that the rest. Facemoji also lets you create your own custom Emoji face from settings.

How to use New Emoji keyboard?

  • Customise the keyboard: After installing the app, open it and customise your keyboard. You can add background photo, font style, stickers, emojis and create your keyboard. Once you finish the design, save the keyboard.
  • Change the default keyboard: Go to Settings>Input>Keyboard settings>Virtual Keyboard and change the default keyboard from Google/MIUI keyboard to new Facemoji keyboard.
  • Start using the new Emojis: Like the default keypad, all Emojis are sorted under the ‘Smiling emoji’ key and you can access large library of Emojis, GIFs, Stickers and Text art clips to make your chat more fun.

2) Use Animojis instead of Emojis

animoji for android apps
Animojis for Android

With advanced face processing software, it became very easy to track the human face and emulate its movements. Many apps like Snapchat, TikTok used these softwares to add filters to our faces. But Animojis take it to the next level by emulating our expressions on 3D emojis. Termed animojis, these new funny icons are only available on iOS. The iPhones also have a live viewer to record videos while talking. Its a fun new way to start texting with your friends. After installing custom Animoji packs, you have to clear cache on Android devices to refresh apps that load emoticons.

Now with Android, there are no apps that can show a live viewer for Bitmojis. But apps like 3D Memoji Stickers, Memoji Emojis use keyboards to deliver 3D style animojis that can you send on WhatsApp, Facebook etc. The face styles resemble to Snapchat avatars and perform live expressions that you can see from keyboard preview.

How to create Animoji for your face?

  • Install any of the above apps from Play Store.
  • Open the app and choose from 100+ different faces.
  • Click Create animoji to open the camera scanner.
  • Scan your face from the selfie camera and click create.
  • Animoji of your own face will be created.
  • Save as custom face and use from App keyboard.

Once the font styles have been added, you can directly go to Android settings and change the default keyboard to Facemoji keyboard. In font settings, choose iOS font to create a keyboard with this font. This will change the whole keyboard to iOS fonts which will give the feel of texting from iPhone.

As there are no custom Android apps to emulate the look of iOS, either using 3rd party apps or rooting are the only two ways. Animoji and Memojis provide a great alternative and a more entertaining version that you can try with apps with 3D Stickers and Memoji Maker.

Tell us what Emojis you use the most and what you hate the most? Bookmark us for more Android tips and Let us know in the comments below.

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