How to turn on/off Facebook Dark Mode in any device?

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Facebook dark mode

Facebook Dark Mode is a display feature provided for all versions of Facebook apps. This feature is useful for protecting the eyes when surfing Facebook without lights. You can also schedule the timings for dark mode making it easier for users to auto adjust the eyes. The dark mode in facebook is also for users who don’t like the white/blue design of Facebook. So, learn how to enable dark mode in Facebook on any device with three easy steps.

But first, let’s explore about Dark mode and its importance for both mobile and PC users. Introduced in early 2020 for beta users, dark mode is an attempt by Facebook team to protect the users eyesight while surfing at night. As we know, getting rid of our smartphones at night can be a hefty task and the surfing continues till midnight. So platforms like Facebook, Google, Reddit, Snapchat are developing dark modes of their apps that create a minimal impact on eyes.

Tip: Toggling the dark Mode in Facebook will shift the background colour to Black and text colour to White creating a minimal impact on eyes. You can also disable auto loading images to protect your eyes from bright images. Dark mode also consumes less battery by blocking blue light from LED screens.

How to activate Facebook dark mode in Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari?

Facebook is a highly used platform and its user base comes through, Android/iOS apps, Windows/Mac Desktop apps. When Dark mode got good response from users in beta, Facebook started introducing this feature in all versions and as of 2021, the dark mode is available for all platforms. So if you are someone who uses Facebook at night or wants a minimalistic look, use these simple steps for your device to turn on/off dark mode in Facebook.

How to enable Facebook dark mode in Android app?

  1. Open Facebook App on Android or iOS and look for ‘Settings‘ icon (Bottom-right Hamburger icon)
  2. In Settings, go to ‘Settings and Privacy‘.
  3. Scroll until you find ‘Dark mode’ option.
  4. Click on it and select ‘ON‘ or ‘OFF‘ to apply changes quickly.
  5. Select ‘System‘ to auto shift according to your device timestamp.

How to activate Facebook dark mode in iOS, iPhone?

Facebook dark mode in iOS
Facebook dark mode in iOS
  1. Get Facebook from Apple app store and login to Facebook. Within app, look for ‘Settings‘ icon in the bottom right corner (3 horizontal lines).
  2. In Settings, scroll till Settings and Privacy sub settings. Here, you will find ‘Dark Mode‘ at the end of settings page.
  3. Toggle Dark Mode or select ‘System‘ to auto schedule dark mode timings. Restart the app if background doesn’t turn black after enabling.

How to enable Dark Mode in Facebook messenger?

  1. Open Messenger App in Windows, Mac, Android or iOS devices. Login with your Facebook account.
  2. After logging in, click on your ‘Profile picture‘ icon to open the settings page.
  3. Click on ‘Dark Mode‘ to open settings. Here, choose ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’ to turn background to black.
  4. You can also select ‘System’ to auto schedule timings for night.

How to make Facebook dark mode in Chrome, Safari, Firefox?

Facebook dark mode in desktop
Facebook dark mode in desktop (Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers)
  1. Open from Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE or any browser.
  2. Log in to your account using Email ID or mobile number.
  3. Once logged in, click on ‘down-arrow‘ icon at top right corner of the page.
  4. This will open Settings and Preferences. Here, select ‘display and accessibility‘.
  5. Scroll until you find Dark mode and select ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’.
  6. Select ‘System’ to schedule Dark mode via your computer timestamp. The changes will apply quickly without restarting the browser.

Dark mode is an important feature for this generation internet users. By initiating features that also help the users, Social media platforms can divert some of the hate they receive for keeping users in a loop. By creating new features like Limited surfing, adult content blockers and comment blockers, all platforms will be safe for kids. You can use their help community to ask more questions.

Although an entertaining habit, midnight surfing can take a serious toll on your physical/mental health. We all know that, but we can’t stop it either. So at least by using these simple features, you will create a minimal impact on your eyes. Dark mode also lets users slip peacefully into sleep without disrupting the eyes with bright LED flares. So activate Facebook Dark mode in an instant whenever your eyes feel tired. Also make sure you try the feature in other platforms like Google, Reddit etc.

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