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Netflix download limit 2021: How to check?

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Is there a Netflix download limit time? How many days can we use Netflix? How to solve Netflix download limit warning? Learn these Netflix fixes to solve your download issues in the article below.

Like all good things in life, Netflix subscription is also a limited plan that everyone wishes to avoid. But Android users have a plus point in paying low subscription fee for one device. If you use Netflix on multiple devices, you must have encountered the download limit issue. This issue pops up with both personal and shared accounts.

Netflix, Amazon Prime and other OTTs limits the number of devices, which means you can’t use them on multiple devices without subscription. So, each download from a device counts and will add up to the total download limit. This limit is to avoid bulk piracy on Netflix but is also a minor issue for users who wish to watch movies offline.

Is there a Netflix download Limit in 2021?

YES. Netflix allows 100 Titles of Movies, Web Series and Documentaries to be allowed for offline download. Once you pass the limit of 100 titles, you will get the error:

‘You have downloads on too many devices. Please remove downloads from another device or go to to change subscription options (10016-23000).

Introduced in 2016, the offline feature in Netflix has been a major upgrade. People can watch content without Internet and many people started using it. But soon, Netflix put up limits for how much offline content is allowed. There are different limits for each country and devices, making it impossible for the user to know the limit.

A lot of daily commuters depend on Offline viewing to pass their time while travelling. People who don’t have internet access would also like to download a lot of movies at once. But many recent Android devices have been experiencing limit issues on Netflix. Most regular users wouldn’t experience this issue as they watch little content, but these fixes will help heavy bingers to pass the download limit for Netflix and enjoy more movies.

Netflix Limit for downloads: Days, Limit Time

30 Days/Month – Expires every 30 days – On all devices

As Netflix auto renews the subscription each month, you get exactly 30 days of content. Once the plan expires, you will be shown the titles but won’t be granted access to the content. Each plan applies to all devices based on the subscription. So, decide the plan based on number of devices that you want to watch content. If you want to renew the subscription and setup Auto-renew:

  1. Open Netflix App on Android.
  2. Tap on ‘Profile’ and Go to settings.
  3. Find ‘Payment settings’ and check subscription plans.
  4. Buy the plan based on devices.

Netflix download limit of Active Streams: Devices, Screens

1 Stream per device – On all devices – Offline viewing supported

Netflix provides subscription for Phones, Television, Laptops and Tablets. If you are using a family account, it is essential that you take Pro subscription. To watch the same movie in different devices, you can either stream it at once or download the movie offline on all devices and watch it. As Netflix permits only one stream per device, follow these steps to increase subscription plan.

  1. Open Netflix on Android smartphone.
  2. Go to Menu>Settings>Subscription.
  3. Renew Subscription (Note that renewal is locked for 20 days from previous renewal).
  4. Add No. of devices in the subscription plan and choose Rs.999/- plan to watch on multiple devices.

Netflix download limit for titles: Movies, Web series

In Netflix, a title counts for both a Movie title and web series episode title. This means if you download 10 Episodes, you will fill up 10 titles. This is a common mistake for Netflix users to download Web series for offline viewing. When you download a full Web Series, your title limit would be finished. This means you can’t download either movies or documentaries anymore.

To fix this error, you must remove a few titles from your download list. If you are using multiple devices, all titles would be scattered across devices making it impossible to remove them all. You can use Netflix menu to clean up a few watched titles, but the user have to manually delete the download after watching. Follow these steps to clean your Offline inventory:

  • Try to download a movie and check for Error (10016-23000).
  • Now, go to Netflix App>Menu.
  • Open ‘Downloads section’ and sort by ‘Already watched’.
  • Now select the titles you want to remove.
  • Delete all watched Titles to clear up space.
  • Try downloading movies until you reach another limit.

The only way is to keep clearing the Download inventory fast after watching. As Netflix stores all movies on Cloud, clearing space for new movies is the only way to get the offline viewing experience.

How to reset Netflix Download Limit: Too many downloads

Resetting means cleaning up all your previous downloads and emptying the Netflix cloud space. Once you do this, you won’t find any of your downloaded files and your account will be ready to download another 100 tiles. Sometimes, the limit also depends on license holders making it difficult to download the same title twice. Expired downloads that we can’t watch also take up storage space and need clearing up.

  • Open Netflix App and Go to Menu.
  • Click ‘My downloads’ to see the list of offline content.
  • Sort by ‘Expiry date’.
  • Select all watched movies, episodes and click delete.
  • Click OK when asked again.

Your Netflix Library is free of download limits now. Download free movies and tv series to watch offline. Also comment your favorite Netflix film below. Bookmark us for more Android, Internet Tips.

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