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Snapchat Red Heart Emoji ❤️ : What does it mean?

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Snapchat Red heart: Snapchat is used by millions of teens and young adults for its privacy features. Combining rewards with Snaps made it an instant hit among users who are tired of texts. With funny and weird filters to stick on your face, Snapchat has become more of a secret diary than a regular chatting app. Alongside Streaks, Snapchat also rewards creative Emojis to users who have hit a few milestones. (New to Snapchat? Install the app from PlayStore)

By using these strategies, Snapchat makes sure the user is constantly fed rewards for chatting and snapping. Emojis are also categorised into Hearts, Stars, Baby faces, Cakes and Numbers. Each of them are rewarded for specific milestones with best friends making your Snap journey much more exciting. Learn what these emojis mean and especially what heart emojis mean to share these mini achievements with your friends.

What does the red heart mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat EmojiNameMeaning
❤️Red HeartYou and your chat partner have been #1 Best Friends for 2 weeks straight.

Not only red heart, but Snapchat also has a Yellow heart and little Pink hearts as rewards. Both these emojis are rewarded once you keep your streak maintained for two months. Pink hearts emoji is given after two months of continuous chat streak. The Yellow star is marked only for your best friend whom you sent the most snaps. Most couples often chat until they get their Yellow star to make a reminder of their relationship.

While it may seem silly to keep chatting for days to months with dedication, stats disprove the notion. Snapchat has slowly made it to the top charts of Messenger apps. A good part of it is because of the rewarding system, and how users are making it a part of their identity. There are few apps that have made such impact into the personal lives of users and Snapchat still does it effortlessly.

❤️ What is Snapchat Red Heart according to internet users?

Although the developers never officially published the meanings of these emojis, many have been found by observation and notifications. Many beginners don’t often expect anything from a chat app, but these rewards slowly turn them into professional Snappers. So, here are some speculated meanings of ‘Snapchat Red Heart’ emoji collected from Quora, Twitter and other forums.

  1. Red heart is given to contacts who maintain chat/snap status for two weeks. (Quora)
  2. Two pink hearts are rewarded to best friends who keep Snap Streak for Two months. (Quora)
  3. Yellow Star is given to Top contact whom you sent highest Snaps for 3 months. (Yahoo answers)

💕 What does Two Hearts mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat EmojiNameMeaning
💕Two Hearts (Pink)You and your chat partner have maintained Snap streak for 2 months straight.

Once you have the red heart, its time to get Two cute pink hearts to your chat bar. As all emojis are rewarded between two partners, if you send snaps to multiple users, it doesn’t count as a streak. So choose the special someone before going into a personal journey with them. As you share snaps, your relationship becomes much deeper and Snapchat Emojis mark it with different symbols.

Two hearts is rewarded for partners who have maintained daily Snap streak for at least two months. If you have multiple friends that you snap with, all your best friends will be rewarded Pink hearts. If red heart symbolises a ‘New important friend’ for two weeks, Yellow heart is for friends who have become ‘Best friends’.

What does Yellow Heart mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat EmojiNameMeaning
💛Yellow HeartYou and your chat partner have sent each other highest number of Snaps.

Snapchat yellow heart is rewarded to only one special person in your chats. The emoji is given when you send a contact the highest snaps than any other contact. That friend is marked with a Yellow star to let you both know the longevity of your relation. This is usually a BF/GF in personal accounts, but if you have a professional account with followers, you may have many Yellow heart contacts.

There are only three heart emojis and Yellow heart marks the end of heart emojis. This means you are highest priority contacts as long as you maintain the streak. Most users stop using Snapchat at this point as they feel bored by too much snapping. Once you reach the end of Emoji rewards, there are nothing but streaks as reward.

What are other Snapchat Emojis Meaning?

  • 👶 Baby Face: You have just become new friends.
  • 🎂 Birthday Cake: This friend has a birthday today. Wish him well.
  • 💯 Hundred: You and your partner have hit a 100 Day Snap streak. Congrats!
  • ⭐ Gold Star: You have replayed this person’s snaps for 24 hours.
  • ⏳ Hourglass: Your snap streak is going dead. Send at least one snap to keep streak alive.
  • 🔥 Fire: You have started a Snap streak. Keep sending to get red heart.
  • 😎 Face with sunglasses: You and someone have the same #1 Best friend that you both chat with.
  • 😬 Grimacing Face: You and someone have the same mutual friend that receive highest snaps from both of you.
  • 😊 Smiling face: Not your #1 Best friend, but a good friend whom you send a lot of snaps.
  • 😏 Smirking face: You send them a lot of snaps and make them your #1 friend, but they are not friends with you.

How to check Snapchat Emojis status?

You can check the list of Emojis rewarded to you and your partners in the settings. Go to Snap Menu>Settings>Additional services>Manage>Friends Emojis. Here you can check all emojis rewarded to you with contact and timeline details. If you have blocked the user, you will still see the emojis but they won’t be visible on chats.

There are other Face emojis given two different types of friends but not based on Snap streaks. These faces mark contacts that are friends, enemies and cool people you want to snap with. As both users chat at the same time, these Emojis are often received together. But if you are beginner and are trying to compete with a Pro Snapper, buckle up as you are going to click a lot of Snaps and find users to keep sending.

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